Thank you, Mr. McCONNELL

I am a licensed health insurance broker. Our company LJR Health Care Solutions is located here in the Coachella Valley in California where the current temperatures on a daily basis are 110-120 degrees. It’s like living inside of a microwave oven! It is so hot even the bugs are not moving. 

We are all in a sweaty mess, much like the health insurance marketplaces which appear to be stuck in the muck and political mire. The ACA is dying on the vine, while the newly proposed AHCA seems like a distant mirage.

It’s like we are lost in the middle of the Mojave digging ourselves deeper into the red hot desert sand, not knowing which direction to go while the unrelenting desert sun continues to broil our brains.

With the new open enrollment periods just around the corner it seems our plans have hit rock bottom. In a recent news release Covered California warned that if federal policies change we could face significant premium increases and potentially 340,000 would lose their coverage. Peter Lee, the head of our state marketplace stated that the damage could be even worse nationally. Not a pretty picture for the strongest nation on earth.

This uncertainty has put us into crisis mode, and it is apparent we must find solutions quickly or our health care system will sink into a bottomless pit, beyond saving. None of us, I am sure, want that.

Does anybody have any water?…HELP……OH! THANK YOU MR. McCONNELL!

(Note- Mitch McConnell said today GOP must work with Dems to shore up ACA)

– Lou Reinitz  LJR Health Care Solutions


These Things Worry Me

If the Republicans are able to replace the ACA, commonly known as Obamacare with the AHCA, which at this point would be a “surprise”, there are a lot of benefits in the current plan that could be threatened:

OUTPATIENT CARE- Individual states would have the option of covering or NOT.

EMERGENCY CARE- Optional again

IN HOSPITAL CARE- I can’t believe this would be left to state’s discretion.


MENTAL HEALTH AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE- With Opioid addiction running rampant this would be a disaster in my opinion. Please pass the pill box. 

PRESCRIPTION DRUGS- How the drug companies would love this!

REHABILATIVE AD HABILATIVE CARE- Seriously? I know this is for Individuals under age 65 but I just had spinal surgery and without this type of care I would not be close to the recovery I am experiencing.

LAB TESTS- Including xrays, MRIs, Pet Scans, etc. A critical component of care could be taken away. How can low income citizens afford to pay for these services?

PREVENTATIVE- No flu shots, and MORE? I guess we will give disease the chance to decimate our young adults and children thus affecting our future as a nation.

PEDIATRIC DENTAL AND VISION- Sorry kids, You won’t be getting any assistance to see the class blackboard or take care of that cavity OUCH!!!

I am worried for my clients… and all Americans..if these benefits are LOST. I don’t care whether we change the current program or replace it DON’T TAKE THESE BENEFITS AWAY FROM US! We are the mightiest nation ever to be on earth, let’s not find ourselves running behind what other countries provide their citizens.

 – Lou Reinitz  LJR Health Care Solutions


New GOP Health Insurance Plan Leaves America Questions with No Answers

The secret health bill has finally been released to the public. Republicans have promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act for the past seven years have finally taken a step to accomplish that. But the current question is will the new 142 page bill be approved. Will we see the promised overhaul of the current system? With four conservative GOP senators standing opposed to it’s passage it is currently a question with no answers. With Democrats soundly opposed,  if Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, and Mike Lee don’t change their positions the bill will not pass. Also questionable in their support are Sens. Dean Heller and Susan Collins. Worrying them and others are the deep cuts to Medicaid and the end to Obamacare’s mandate that most Americans must have coverage or face penalties.

Now, as a Health Insurance Broker concerned with the welfare of my clients the only stand on this issue, and my message to the senate is ” FOR GOD’S SAKE…DO SOMETHING!” With open enrollment periods coming up quickly for both Medicare and Individual enrollments I feel like we are still lost in the woods as political warfare threatens to leave us stalemated. What then? It is obvious the current system is badly in need of repair to be functional. I know time is short and we must pray the rough seas that we are in can settle down through some intelligent negotiations by those in power, or we are doomed to fail to get the health care we deserve and need.

– Lou Reinitz  LJR Health Care Solutions


Toxic Personalities- How to Avoid Them!

discouragedI always strive to do my best, to keep learning and improving. In my life journey I have at times run into some folks who unfortunately try to keep me thinking positive thoughts! Never let anyone stop you from seeking to fulfill your dreams and reaching your goals-avoid toxic people! Here are five personality types that I try to keep away from…far, far away!

The Complainers- These people are the ” whiners “. This is bad, or that is awful, so many things in their lives are horrible. Listen to them and their negativism can be adictive. Avoid them like the plague!

The Entitled- I have got the world coming to me and I do not have to work for it- I deserve it. What a crock! But can you believe these people are really around us- the something for nothing crowd. Put them in their own arena and let me keep knowing that nothing is free in this world- We have to work for what we want!

The conformers- Ho hum. Same routine every day. Their limits are set. Fall in line, do not chase any dreams, and never do anything to try and change the status quo. Listen to them and you will end up as the same grayed out personalities as they are.

The Party Animals- Party! Party! let’s go out every night and have fun! fun! fun! Oh, these folks can have a good time but they can also distract you from reaching your goals. If your life is nothing but making party time a priority you will lose focus, and like them eventually crash when the party comes to an end.

The Doubters- No, you can’t do it. It won’t work. It’s not a good idea, and on and on. Identify these folks as quickly as you can and don’t let them discourage you! It seems they somehow enjoy dampening your spirits and can make you lose motivation.

The moral of this article is to surround yourself with people who will genuinely support and encourage you to chase your dreams, through good times and bad. So, avoid the negative people and stick with people who will continue to lift your spirits!

Pharmaceutical Greed target of Prop. 61

pill-1565001  I received an email today from AARP that advocated the passage of Proposition #61 that will be on the California ballot in November. I have written many articles in the past few months addressing the rocketing price of prescription drugs. I invite you to visit their webpage to get more of the story on why you should vote ” YES “.

We do need to start doing something to stop these greedy companies who are raising prices on a regular basis. They are out of control!

Visit the Proposition 61 web site at: today and cast your affirmative vote in November!